This course, based on scientific evidence and focused on practical activities, has been designed for teachers who teach their subject in the medium of a foreign language. Physical Education teachers and any other teachers are interested on “hands on” activities will find in this course a great opportunity to learn new approaches and to find practical resources.

The philosophy of this course is to merge theoretical activities (Total Physical Response, creative automatization, Teaching Games for Understanding, etc) with practical sessions (Rafting, horse riding, kayak, beach sports, canyoning, etc.) so that the participant can create their own “toolkit” with activities and resources that can be applied in their own school.

For teachers interested in KA2 projects and shadowing through a KA1 project, this course will not only provide the opportunity of meeting partner teachers from other countries, but also the key factors for successful projects will be taught.

In order to offer a richer experience, three locations have been chosen: 5 days in Granada, the lively city of Alhambra and Albahicín; 3 days in Motril, a lovely town in Costa Tropical (Tropical Seaside); and 2 days in La Rabita, a shiny village located by the beach.


This is an interactive and experimental course where the contents are introduced in three different phases:

  • In the first phase, the theoretical contents (Total Physical Response, Teaching Games for Understanding, etc) will be introduced based on research. It will probably be scheduled during the second half of the morning sessions.
  • During the second phase, some practical activities will be performed (Rafting, kayak, beach sports, horse riding, golfing, etc), with one eye on the previously taught theoretical contents. This phase will last the afternoon session, and some days part of the evening session.
  • The third phase will consist of a reflexion and discussion so that each participant can find their way to apply the theoretical and practical contents to their own practice. This will mainly happen during the first part of the morning session, the day after the theoretical contents were taught.
  • In addition to all these activities, cultural visits will be organized in Granada, Albahicín, Costa Tropical, etc. during the evening.

Therefore, with the programme designed, the participants will be able to experience practical activities with a theoretical background and to reflect upon them. Moreover, opportunities to create links for future Erasmus + projects will be granted.

On top of this, this course will facilitate the participants to improve their English on the field of CLIL, games and physical education.


Theoretical Practical
Teaching Games for Understanding applied to CLIL Outdoors sports: Paintball games, archery, climbing, tirolina, etc.
Features of oral activities in CLIL Rafting
Total Physical Response (TPR) Combat sports
Rhythm activities
Fitness activities
Teaching vocabulary Horse riding
CLIL throw PE and ICTs: Mobile phones CLIL throw PE and ICTs: Mobile phones (practical)
Creative automatization: ACCESS methodology Canyoning
Storytelling Kayak by the cliffs
KA1 and KA2 Erasmus + projects: keys to succeed Water sports: SUP (Stand Up Paddle Surf), water skiing, etc.
Beach sports: beach volley, paddel beach (beach tennis), ultimate frisbee.
Golf (2 optional sessions)


Cultural activities

Segway route around the city centre of Granada
Culture, tapas and orienteering in Albahicin (the monumental Moorish neighbourhood)
Tourism in Costa Tropical (Two days)
Tapas and wine tasting (maridage)

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Transportation for all the activities.

Breakfast, lunch or/and dinners.

Accreditation certification.

Assistance with completing your Europass Mobility documents.

Cultural activities.

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This course is designed for:

  • Language teachers who want to link their subject to practical and motivating activities.
  • Physical Education teachers who need to find the way to teach English through their subject.
  • Any teacher who wants to introduce a practical and motivating approach to their subjects.

This course is meant for teachers with a minimum English level of Intermediate/B1, so they can fully exploit their course.


For the 12-day course:                               For the 9-day course:

 Double Room €1220                                  Double Room €890

  Single Room €1390                                  Single Room €1060



family programmes

This programme is designed so that the participant can travel with their own family and share some of the activities.

If you are interested, please ask for family programmes where your partner or friends can take part in the practical and cultural activities and share the accommodation.

We also provide day-care for infants or summer camps for your kids so they can spend part of their trip with their family and part making new friends.

special extension

We also offer a three-day extension with accommodation, breakfast and dinner, the Alhambra and most remarkable landmarks visits, for an affordable price.





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